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While cousin sleuths Page Wright and Betsy Ross await the cannon firing at Shell Isle’s July 4th celebration, Page gets an inkling. A murder is imminent landing she and Betsy in the middle of another escapade. This time it’s charter Captain Jake who’s managed to anger five dodgy suspects possessing enough motive to take him out.

The determined sleuths chart a course to solving the murder but stumble upon more than they imagined.

A twisty plot with plenty of hijinks, Betsy’s current culinary debacles, and dashes of romance between Page and Detective Tanner promises a fun romp.

Fair warning. This whodunit will challenge readers to the final scene.



A Secret Gift

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When a mysterious benefactor offers Halley the opportunity of a lifetime, she grabs it with both hands hoping the sexy contractor who's driving her crazy is the best part of living out her dreams.


When Halley Bowen learns she has an anonymous benefactor who wants her to live out her dreams and move to the idyllic seaside town of Port Royal, she can't leave fast enough. The one hurdle - in one year's time she must find everlasting love to satisfy the gift.

Local contractor Ben Shaw is sarcastic, bossy, and too sexy for his own good. Every time Halley thinks he might be the one, they hit an obstacle, until they admit what's in their hearts. Then every dream of theirs comes true.

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Baubles to Die For Cover

 Baubles to Die For

A Shell Isle Mystery

In Baubles to Die For, gifted sleuth Page Wright’s inner world is anything but ordinary, yet her outer world craves a revamp from her mountain bookshop’s continuing demands. A summer escape to her beloved cottage on Shell Isle with cousin Betsy Ross always promised fun and relaxation…until this latest holiday. Two constants exist that Page cannot escape: Betsy’s spicy culinary fiascos she’s obliged to chase with endless antacids, and the special guidance she receives from ‘inklings’ when her sleuthing gifts are needed.

While the ever-curious Page and Betsy savor lunch at Beach Bistro, the sleuth observes a cryptic exchange between her la-di-da neighbor, Catherine Lange, and a seedy-looking man sitting a few feet away. Their words travel across the café’s table on a paper napkin. However, the pistol passed under the table awakens Page’s first inkling that unknown forces are conspiring to muck-up her and Betsy’s carefree sojourn.

The cousins witness subsequent sightings of Catherine, dripping in her canary diamond jewelry and making ominous threats to people in her inner circle. Also worrisome is the tall, dark, and too handsome undercover FBI agent, Steve Tanner, living in the bungalow next door. His recent strange behavior defines stealthy.  On alert now that trouble lurks, Page must entice an always reluctant Betsy to help when the nudge to act comes, knowing time is pressing.

Old Mountain Cassie Cover

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