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Multi-genre Author~Inner Explorer~Humor Chaser~Labyrinth Lover~Waterfall Wanderer


Author Tonya Penrose (pen name) is a storyteller who believes in the power of humor and narratives to touch her readers’ hearts. She's always been moved by how a story can invite personal exploration and leave a lasting impression on those who read it.

When Tonya sits in her favorite writing chair gazing at a lake, she aspires to create beguiling characters that leap from the page and capture a reader’s fancy. Her characters aren't just words on a page. They become real, breathing people with their own flaws and quirks. She enjoys sprinkling her romps with moments that offer readers grins or even bursts of laughter.

But for Tonya, it's not only about the characters or the humor. The dialogue is where her stories shine. As a multi-genre author, she feels that engaging dialogue provides the heartbeat for any truly wonderful tale. It breathes life into the narrative and allows readers to feel they're with the characters in every conversation.

Whether you're seeking an entertaining escape or a thought-enlivening journey of inner discovery, Tonya's books are waiting to whisk you into her world. Embark on a path where humor meets introspection and unforgeable characters await at every page turn.

Tonya invites readers to explore the familiar and fantastical settings with her. To uncover secreted truths, share inspiring moments, and awaken to her deeper message—that living in the now is how.

Tonya's fiction and non-fiction stories are published in numerous anthologies, e-magazines, local press, and literary magazines.


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