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As an author, Tonya’s moved by the effect humor and narratives have on readers. That observation illuminates why her stories often convey messages inviting personal exploration. She is enthusiastic about crafting stories with beguiling characters, adding dashes of snappy humor, and engaging dialogue that leaves her fingerprint on each page.

When Tonya relocated to the mountains, she found fresh writing ideas waiting. From her favorite porch chair gazing at a tranquil lake, the nudge to scribe her first novel came calling. From her beach chair, she got the idea for a cozy series, Shell Isle Mysteries. Tonya confesses new respect for a chair’s ability to motivate writers. She chases her writing joy from the mountains to the seashore.


The Shell Isle Mystery Series introduces two novels: BAUBLES TO DIE FOR and RED, WHITE, AND BOOM. The characters of Page and Betsy keep chattering to Tonya, so expect future stories in this collection.

Tonya’s other books include the inspiring OLD MOUNTAIN CASSIE: THE THREE LESSONS and the rom-com A SECRET GIFT.


Her fiction and non-fiction stories are published in numerous anthologies, e-magazines, local press, and literary magazines.

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