Pleasant Read

Dr. Gina Barros

This is my third Penrose book and my third 5 star thumbs up! Do you like mystery? Read this book. A romance? Read this book. Want to chuckle? Read this book. Secret checks off many boxes. Enjoy!

Get ready for the royal treatment!

By Ken Chamlee


Port Royal, that is, a seaside community of warm and welcoming people, where kindness is practiced and returned, and shared secrets are protected. Out of the blue, corporate clone Halley Bowen gets a dream-life offer, a set-up courtesy of a mysterious benefactor. All she has to do is move to the coast, write a book, and find love. Daunting prospects, but heroine Halley is up to the challenge. Witty, determined, but not immune to doubts, Halley finds friends and seafood galore as she adjusts to her sudden change in locale and lifestyle. Jealous readers may think Halley’s good fortune akin to winning the lottery, but it’s not a random bequest: the benefactor knows something of Halley’s character. Readers would do better to ask, “What might I accomplish if I were kind, grateful, gracious, and resolute? What might I hear if I listened for the inner voices and nudges that say “Take a risk, and see what love can do”? Released in a year when so many things in the world we cherish are on hold due to pandemic restrictions and dangers, this sweet novel offers us a reminder of what we will reclaim on the other side of this trial—the joy to gather together, share meals, hug our friends, and kiss our elders. That is, without question, the author’s ‘secret gift’ to us.

I LOVED reading this book

By Lisa C.

It is a perfect and wonderful read!  I laughed, I cried, I prayed, and I rejoiced.  Tonya is a master of the English language and an exceptional storyteller.  I finished this book within 20 hours of receiving it and that included a good night's sleep! I could not put it down!  Thank you, Tonya Penrose, for all the wonderful gifts I received from reading this exceptional novel.