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Meet Author David Perlmutter

I enjoy the absolute privilege of knowing the talented and amazing David Perlmutter. He's a super cool and incredibly nice guy. And, I have limitless superlative adjectives to describe him. Check my many tweets to hear more. How lucky for me that Dave's been supportive of my author journey and novels. I think it's past time I return the favor.

What's David done to get me all aflutter? Well, I've just read his award-winning book and true story, WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME. Take note, the book enjoys a lofty place on Amazon's Best Seller ranking. Get this bit of news: The book is going to be made into a movie. David shared everything is in the final stages of development and filming begins late fall or early 2022. He's super jazzed about the producers and the director. Believe me, his enthusiasm is infectious in the best possible way. See?, I told you David's someone pretty special. I'm going to keep begging him for updates to share here. He seems susceptible to my begs.

Without further ado, I invite you to read my Amazon review below. Catch the David Perlmutter wave with me.



You'd better clear your calendar for the day. Wrong Place Wrong Time: Book to Movie won't let you go until the last page. David Perlmutter achieves what most authors aspire to...have the reader fully invested in the story from the opening page. He takes you on an unforgettable and poignant ride as he navigates a challenging time in his early life. You're with him when his choices and actions brought unimaginable consequences. He lets you experience with him the profound highs and lows of his emotional state. Only an exceptional story and storyteller can deliver such excellence.

The book deserves every accolade, and so does David Perlmutter. More than 5 stars are needed..

ASIDE: Don't be shy about grabbing your copy of WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME..

Like me, David truly values his readers and their reviews.

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