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Quoth Tonya...

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

"To see the impossible requires an unfettered mind."

"Silence is the mind's enemy, but the spirit's best friend."

"Only in the Now can you know How."

"When a door opens, it's not mannerly to keep standing outside."

"Be careful with words, for they become exacting once loose."

"The future is but illusory."

"Look for the numinous beauty in all things."

"Today's measure is taken not by a ruler, but by the degree of joy felt within."

"Passion wears many faces."

"Wisdom and knowing are kissing cousins and enjoy keeping company with each other."

"Acts are seldom random."

"Failure can be a catalyst for creativity."

"Let the whispers of the Divine find you where you are each day."

"Inner work leads to outward change."

"What yearning lives within that keeps nudging us to aspire?"

"Pay homage to humor, lest it find another devotee."

"Reality isn't real at all."

"A generous spirit hangs no price tag for coming to another's aid."

"Memories live in the treasure chest of life's happenings."

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