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Updated: Dec 26, 2020

A Chapbook

By Karen Jackson

Take a look at my writing friend, Karen Jackson's, latest offering. The poems sweep a wide emotional range.

Two worlds coexist in GRIT, a poetry chapbook with photographs chronicling the life of Janis Luke Roberts and her alter ego, Clancey the Clown. From make-believe friends and childhood fantasies to fans grieving at her funeral, these poems explore how courage and imagination helped one woman overcome dyslexia and depression to become an award-winning performer.

Travel with Janis into classrooms and hospitals, from Ocilla, Georgia, to the White House lawn.

Visit Smileville where “when it rains, it rains ribbons and children can take cotton candy carpet rides.” In these pages, explore both the sacred lineage and the fear of clowns.

Written by her older sister in different forms, styles and voices, this honest and heart-warming collection captures the human spirit at work and vividly portrays the resilience of a creative mind.

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