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Much Ado About...Commas

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

This popular punctuation mark enjoys a long history and has been busy evolving. In days of yore, the comma’s job was simply to allow for a pause of breath when reading aloud. Seems this singleness of purpose is no longer in fashion. Instead, the comma has become complex and likes to be seen…a lot. And, I'm learning the bossy comma has developed quite a few preferences for where it wants to hang out in a sentence.

As time whiled away, commas have become beloved by most scribes, but I’m an exuberant holdout. I see them for who they are...trouble. I think there’s way too much ado about the comma. And I for one am ready to put them in their proper place. Did I?

A serious aside: If you want to delve further into the interesting history and usage evolution of the comma, check out the book, “Pause and Effect”, by Malcolm Parkes.

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