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Out and About: Baubles to Die For

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

September Update:

Tonya is scheduled to present and read for a Charlotte book club.

August Update:

August 19th Tonya did a reading at Henderson County Public Library

"Baubles to Die For" is available on Amazon. This is the first book in the Shell Isle Mystery series. Go check out Baubles.

July Update:

"Baubles to Die For" The expected publication is this month. The cover is perfect and will be posted soon for everyone to see.

June Update:

Clap hands!!! The manuscript found the perfect publisher and has exited the editing queue. More details soon.

Spring Update: The first story in the Shell Isle Mystery cozy mystery series is finished...finally. Time to seek the ideal publisher with a sense of humor for these two snooping sleuths.

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